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Why Pause and Reflect

Many people feel that their lives keep moving faster and faster. The to-do lists are getting longer and longer, and the collective perception is that there is not enough time to get things done. You may find it hard to keep up with life. You may feel that the currents are pulling you in different directions that do not always resonate with your heart. You may feel that you are hearing everyone else’s voice but your own. You may think that other people’s voices and intentions are your own. There comes a time when this fast-paced lifestyle driven by fear becomes unsustainable. 

Pausing and reflecting means slowing down and asking the fundamental questions: Who am I? What am I here to do? What is my inner voice of well-being saying to me? What is important to me? What do I love to do, and what prevents me from doing it? Are my thoughts and beliefs truly mine, or have I allowed mass conditioning to tell me what to think and believe? Are my emotions aligned with well-being, or do they stand in the way of my joy and aliveness? Am I tuned into the channel that promotes hope, compassion, and harmony? Or am I tuned into the channel that justifies blame, guilt, anxiety, frustration, impatience, and the like? What messages does my physical body have for me? 

When you ask questions about ways in which you can grow and live with greater ease and joy, you initiate a shift in consciousness. With your questions, you are inviting the Universe to help you get out of dense energies. As you look within to find answers, you begin to notice patterns, attitudes, and beliefs that may have kept you disempowered and away from your well-being. You begin to hear your own true voice and learn how to follow it.


Speaking Your Deepest Truth


Speaking your deepest truth is very much a matter of committing to ourselves. Often, when we refuse to express our deepest truth, we are doing so because we are afraid we may not be appreciated for what we have to say. And in that sense, instead of expressing ourselves in a heartfelt manner, we mute ourselves from the world and allow it to tell us how we must be and how we should speak. By doing this we commit to our outer world and neglect our inner voice. If you can relate to that, the following reflection can help you contemplate on how different your life could be if you had the courage to follow your heart and speak your deepest truth.

All life is about relationships—relationships with loved ones, friends, colleagues, and many others. But the most important of all relationships is the one that we are willing to foster with ourselves. At the superficial level, the statement “having a relationship with yourself” may sound pretentious.

However, on a spiritual level, it means you are willing to have a relationship with your true self, your heart, the spiritual being within who is connected to the essence of all life—All-That-Is—God Essence. And this God Essence is deathless and birthless; it is who you truly are; it is unconditional love and radiant light—the breath within all creation. Therefore, for the soul, having a relationship with yourself is fundamental.

When it comes to relationships, we  are often afraid of expressing our innermost feelings and intentions when interacting with friends, loved ones, and others. There is this constant dance, “Should I speak my truth or should I just bury it?” But in that sense, we are never free, and our loved ones still expect us  to be a certain way. Perhaps it is for you to finally decide to take on the family business, to follow a predestined career, or to be in a romantic relationship they have chosen for you—in sum, to be someone that you are not. And this is how you may find yourself in these relationships walking on eggshells because you may be afraid to offend your loved ones. You may be afraid to be rejected because you have decided to do what matters to you, which may not matter to them. They may not even look upon it favorably. So there is this constant dance:

“Do I speak my truth, or do I just remain quiet and sacrifice my innermost desires because this is how it has always been in the family?”

Let’s say you have a circle of friends. One day you say something. The next day, you say something different, which contradicts what you said the day before. And the third day, you do not even remember what you shared with them the previous days. So, you have three different versions of your truth, and the larger the circle, the greater the number of truths.

Is there a truth that never changes? Yes, there is. That is the truth from within your heart—the one faithful to you that needs no rehearsal. 

When we  are constantly trying to be who we  are not or trying to please others, we are always rehearsing what we  will be saying to each and every one, hoping that they will approve of who we  are. But in the midst of it all, we  always forget what we  say, and we may  get very confused about who we  truly are. Indeed, many of us may have experienced being  confused about who we  truly are.

So the golden truth is the one that does not need to justify itself

If you choose, you can pause and reflect upon ways in which you may have been afraid to speak your deepest truth. As you begin to work more in this way, you will find much peace and greater ease in dealing with people. It will become much easier to speak your deepest truth. Everyone knows the truth when spoken. All hearts know.

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