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In this area, you will find a monthly topic of contemplation. You can reflect upon the messages and see what small changes you can make to impact your day positively.
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Why Pause and Reflect

Many people feel that their lives keep moving faster and faster. The to-do lists are getting longer and longer, and the collective perception is that there is not enough time to get things done. You may find it hard to keep up with life. You may feel that the currents are pulling you in different directions that do not always resonate with your heart. You may feel that you are hearing everyone else’s voice but your own. You may think that other people’s voices and intentions are your own. There comes a time when this fast-paced lifestyle driven by fear becomes unsustainable. 

Pausing and reflecting means slowing down and asking the fundamental questions: Who am I? What am I here to do? What is my inner voice of well-being saying to me? What is important to me? What do I love to do, and what prevents me from doing it? Are my thoughts and beliefs truly mine, or have I allowed mass conditioning to tell me what to think and believe? Are my emotions aligned with well-being, or do they stand in the way of my joy and aliveness? Am I tuned into the channel that promotes hope, compassion, and harmony? Or am I tuned into the channel that justifies blame, guilt, anxiety, frustration, impatience, and the like? What messages does my physical body have for me? 

When you ask questions about ways in which you can grow and live with greater ease and joy, you initiate a shift in consciousness. With your questions, you are inviting the Universe to help you get out of dense energies. As you look within to find answers, you begin to notice patterns, attitudes, and beliefs that may have kept you disempowered and away from your well-being. You begin to hear your own true voice and learn how to follow it.

Monthly Reflection

The Voice of Your Heart


The purpose of this reflection is to help you notice the difference between the voice of your heart and the voice of fear. While the voice of your heart inspires you to live with joy, the voices of fear will inadvertently divert your attention from what is truly important to you—living with a sense of well-being. These outside voices can keep you trapped and deprive you of life’s blessings.

Imagine it is early in the morning. The sun is slowly rising, making you feel that you are about to experience a new dawn. In this early morning, you decide to take a walk in nature to experience more of this sense of peace and these renewed energies that the brightness of the sun is birthing. Your heart prompts you to move away from all that does not serve your higher good and experience Mother Nature’s love and restorative power. You walk slowly, allowing yourself to breathe gently, and filling your lungs with restorative energy. All your worries dissolve gradually. 

You are treading on your path peacefully, and it is as if you have entered a universe where everything is perfect. You are in harmony with nature. You are in harmony with yourself. As you sit quietly near the lake, the reflection of the sun in the pristine water makes you realize the stillness within your being. Your emotions are calm, and you know without a doubt that you are truly experiencing a sense of harmony and inner peace. 

“You are home,” a gentle voice says to you. You pause and reflect upon that whisper. The voice says again, “You are home. The stillness of this mountain lake is the stillness within your being.” 

You smile and acknowledge the gentle tone as it continues, “Every moment you find yourself in this quiet space, you are able to hear the voice of your heart. It is a voice that makes you feel good about yourself. It is a voice that tells you that your vision is clear; it is alright to seek the truth; it is alright to have this inclination to live with a sense of well-being, for you are here on Earth to experience these beautiful gifts and express your love creatively.” 

You sit and enjoy these whispers of your heart. You take another deep breath and rejoice in knowing that you have always been whole and a loving, wise being deep within. You smile and recognize that the stillness of this mountain lake is the stillness of the Spirit within who loves you without conditions. 

The Spirit within loves you for who you truly are. And you are a being of light, a being of truth and compassion, a being of higher understanding. 

You express your gratitude for being in that sacred space. As you leave this place of pure bliss and stillness, you are suddenly confronted by the noise and commotion of the outer world. A stream of thoughts takes over your mind. “Am I good enough? I have so many things to do, and I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what to do with my life. What’s happening to me? I’m not sure if I can forgive my brother. I’m not sure about my coworker’s intentions. What has this life become?” 

As these thoughts continue to flow into your mind, you suddenly feel the burden of fear. You suddenly get disconnected from the wise, loving self within. You no longer seem to sense the stillness of the mountain lake that you experienced earlier. Your vision becomes fuzzy, and you are in the middle of emotions that only deepen your perceived inadequacies that anchor you in these imagined threats that can only fester when you are away from your center. 

When you are caught up in the noise, you may find yourself rationalizing why you are acting a certain way; why it makes sense to hold a certain position; why it makes sense to hold on to a grudge; why it is right to blame others; and why it is acceptable to remain in powerlessness. 

It may sound like, “I will not forgive you because if I do, you will get away easily.” When you hold on to that sentiment, you are hurting yourself and forgetting that you are loving and wise, and that is who you truly are. You are forgetting that you are only hindering your flow of well-being.

Your heart will tell you, “It is okay to let go. Forgive yourself and that person, and you will have much peace inside. You will feel much lighter and go through life easily.” 

A fearful mind will rationalize why you must compete and not cooperate. “If I help my colleague with this project, I won’t get credit for it. Why would I do that?” the fearful voice says. But the heart is aware that nature knows only cooperation. The physical body functions perfectly because each cell within knows how to cooperate. That is a natural state of being—a state of higher order. And so your heart will tell you, “Don’t worry. Everything you are doing to empower your colleagues will come back to you. You are also doing it for yourself because you are part of everything.” 

A fearful mind will also rationalize why you must leave behind all that makes you joyful and do what is rational. Suppose you are recreating your professional life because you have interests that are calling for your attention. As you honor your heartfelt interests, you may not always see your investment pay off fast enough. So your fearful mind may tell you, “Why do you have to go down this path? You are wasting so much time following what is supposed to make you joyful, but you are not making any money? Wouldn’t it make sense to do something that you don’t love as much but will pay the bills?” 

However, the heart will tell you, “Keep up the good work. Continue doing what you love to do. Remember, the more you do what you love, the more you will feel good about yourself. This always comes with positive emotions that will propel you to attract more abundance from the Universe.”

Suppose you had a job interview and were offered a position matching all your salary requirements. A fearful mind will tell you, “Take the money. Take the position even if it does not resonate much with you.” But your heart will say to you, “Be grateful for the position. Also, understand that experiencing joy and well-being to the fullest is why you are here on this Earth. You do not have to do this because of your fears.” 

The voice of your heart is this unassuming voice whose role is to guide you through life because it knows that as you do what is joyful and follow your emotions, you will always find the truth. Positive emotions such as gratitude, love, harmony, and joy show you that you are in the flow of well-being. When you are experiencing fears and resistance, you are also experiencing guilt, blame, victimhood, and powerlessness. Those emotions not only deepen your fears but will anchor you in a lack of well-being. 

The voice of your heart knows only love and light, ease and grace, wisdom and higher understanding. This is the voice of the Spirit within—the wise, loving self. It is the self that is connected to the highest source of wisdom, the Higher Intelligence, who wants you to experience joy, peace, harmony, and prosperity—your divine gift of well-being. 

Through your heart, you can know what resonates with you and what does not resonate with you. If you are experiencing loving emotions, it means you are swimming effortlessly through life. You are in the flow of life. If you find yourself struggling needlessly, it only means you are resisting the flow of life. You are blocking the love the Universe is keen on sharing with everyone.

Explore Your Inner World

  • I trust myself, and I trust life.
  • I trust that the process of life only brings me my highest good. 
  • I am loved and always supported.
  • I am willing to open my heart and listen to my inner voice.

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