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Why Pause and Reflect

Many people feel that their lives keep moving faster and faster. The to-do lists are getting longer and longer, and the collective perception is that there is not enough time to get things done. You may find it hard to keep up with life. You may feel that the currents are pulling you in different directions that do not always resonate with your heart. You may feel that you are hearing everyone else’s voice but your own. You may think that other people’s voices and intentions are your own. There comes a time when this fast-paced lifestyle driven by fear becomes unsustainable. 

Pausing and reflecting means slowing down and asking the fundamental questions: Who am I? What am I here to do? What is my inner voice of well-being saying to me? What is important to me? What do I love to do, and what prevents me from doing it? Are my thoughts and beliefs truly mine, or have I allowed mass conditioning to tell me what to think and believe? Are my emotions aligned with well-being, or do they stand in the way of my joy and aliveness? Am I tuned into the channel that promotes hope, compassion, and harmony? Or am I tuned into the channel that justifies blame, guilt, anxiety, frustration, impatience, and the like? What messages does my physical body have for me? 

When you ask questions about ways in which you can grow and live with greater ease and joy, you initiate a shift in consciousness. With your questions, you are inviting the Universe to help you get out of dense energies. As you look within to find answers, you begin to notice patterns, attitudes, and beliefs that may have kept you disempowered and away from your well-being. You begin to hear your own true voice and learn how to follow it.

Monthly Reflection



The purpose of this reflection is to help you contemplate the benefits of forgiving oneself and others. Often, we tend to forgive only on a superficial level because of the intense and lingering feelings of anger and blame. In this case, the negative sentiments will resurface every time we recall our painful past. A pinch in our hearts will indicate that we either have never truly forgiven or have only partially forgiven.

The reflection below is an excerpt from our book Who Am I?: Discover the Infinite Being Within

When you harbor anger, guilt, blame, or resentment, it is as if you are outside under a bright sun and refuse to see its radiance. You become dismissive of love and no longer see yourself as a being who stemmed from love and light. Let’s say you found yourself in a financial debacle, where your savings vanished as a result of a crisis or any other unfavorable situation. As life’s pressures increased, you lost your center, grew increasingly irritable, and identified with the material plane or this perceived inability to rise above your financial situation. This eventually led you to blame yourself and others. Harboring resentment, blame, or guilt always brings the worst in any situation. The more you give power to those emotions by incessantly lamenting the situation, the less likely you will get out of the cycle. 

While it is beneficial to vent, simmering in resentment and blame clouds your judgment and moves you farther away from your center and the ability to change your situation.

Also, you are giving more power to the outer world, namely the system and its people. It is as if you are putting them on a pedestal and giving these outside forces power over you. You relinquish your innermost ability to transmute the negative into positive, the old into the new, to transform your life for the better, to rise above the material plane, and change your circumstances. You may get stuck thinking, “It’s their fault. I lost my savings. They didn’t. They must pay me back.” 

You might even want to rely on an external recourse to get some compensation and maybe bring back some feelings of ease. On the surface, this option could help alleviate the pain. However, you cannot outrun your emotions, for they will always linger within if not released. Here is the point:

At the deepest level, you must be willing to forgive and let go so that you can be free in the real sense.

Know that remaining in this state of mind suggests that outside forces are your source of abundance and prosperity. It assumes that you are only a physical being living a physical existence; it assumes that you are not the Spirit of Infinite Abundance. With this comes even more pain and powerlessness. It is a reliance on mortal forms and structures to find peace and fulfillment. Many beings have subscribed to this limited viewpoint and dismissed their power, the power of the wise, loving self—the infinite being within—their spiritual nature. 

Beyond resentment, blame, guilt, and all that deepens pain lies the transmuting power of forgiveness.

In the spiritual sense, forgiveness means that you are able to see beyond the material plane—its forms and circumstances—and realize your infinite nature.

You are able to recognize that your spiritual nature sees no right or wrong. Through your heart, you are able to heal all wounds despite everything that happened. That is the healing power of love and the purifying power of light. For this reason, we speak of unconditional love and light as an everlasting presence within the cosmos. In spite of what happens in the Universe, unconditional love and radiant light transpire. That’s the very breath within all life and creation.

Looking at forgiveness from this higher perspective can help you release the pain and move you away from resentment, where you can find healing, and assist those who are on a similar path as well. You can also develop more compassion for those who have yet to understand the restorative power of love.

To forgive means to have the courage and willingness to let go of lesser energies. It involves small steps.

It is essential to know this because you may have lost your business; you may have lost your savings; your partner may have left you; you may have lost a loved one to a disease; you may be holding on to grief; your father or mother may have left you at a young age, and so you may have harbored feelings of sadness, abandonment, resentment, or even anger.

There is a broad range of feelings and emotions you may have harbored while being on this planet. And carrying these feelings can make it hard for you to consider the idea of forgiving yourself and others. That is human and understandable.

Underneath what you may find unbearable lies a golden opportunity to liberate yourself and dissolve the pain. 

Behind every pain within one’s heart, there is always a possibility to go even higher and expand one’s capacity to love, allowing the purifying light to shine upon all darkness. Therefore, it takes great courage and willingness to let go. If you find yourself in this situation, do congratulate yourself for reading this far, and for at least considering the option of forgiving because you have a mighty heart that can heal all hurts.

Use the power of your heart to heal your wounds, to release all that is not loving, and walk under the bright sun free to be who you are, for you are an infinite being whose light shines brightly.

Understand that forgiveness is a process, just like anything in life. Some things may be relatively easy to forgive, while others can take a little bit or a lot more time and courage to let go of.

If you cannot forgive right away, remind yourself that each day you are aware there is something for you to forgive, you have already done a fantastic job.

That alone places you in higher vibrations. That alone means that you are slowly transmuting the fog of resentment into a purifying light. So be gentle with yourself and love yourself unconditionally, knowing that you are a courageous being because you dare to dive into your heart and forgive. This is one of the hardest things to do on the material plane, but is most healing and loving for your soul.

With this, you can see the veils of illusion being lifted one by one. You can begin to see the dust of noise disappear and feel the love that your heart knows exists. You can begin to rise above all that has kept you disempowered to walk freely down your path to reunite with your innermost self. You begin to see yourself in higher ways, for you have reunited with your heart.

 Keep in mind that going through this process may bring back painful memories, but through your tears, you are allowing yourself to re-emerge stronger with even more love, compassion, and tolerance for yourself and others. 

True healing happens above the material plane in the Realms of Unconditional Love and Radiant Light. Therefore, if you want to transmute any energy in higher ways, rising above the illusions of the mortal plane can be beneficial and transformative if you are open to this wisdom. Again, the relevance of the questions, “Who am I? Am I just a mortal identifying with a mortal reality, or am I an infinite being who resides in a place of unconditional love and light, which I call home?” In that realm, all that is not loving dissolves, all fears disintegrate. That is the love of the Source Creator, God Essence, or All-That-Is, whatever label you wish to attach to this Universal Presence that is you.

Explore Your Inner World

  • I love and accept myself as I am.
  • I forgive myself, knowing that I am always doing my best.
  • I choose to forgive myself and leave all that is not loving behind. I am now free to love myself fully.
  • I forgive my past and live in the present with joy.

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