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Here you can find a written monthly meditation that will help you reconnect with your innermost self and the qualities that you wish to attract in your life.

Meditation Features

Why Connect with Your Innermost Self

Your innermost self is the deeper and wiser part of your being. Your true nature is loving and compassionate. As you get closer to your heart and strengthen the connection with your innermost self, your thoughts, feelings, and actions will be more heart-centered. They will reflect higher qualities such as joy, inner peace, harmony, and a greater sense of clarity. You will expand your consciousness and ability to live with joy and positively impact your life and the lives of those around you. Our meditations can help you go inward into your heart and deepen the connection with your innermost self. Know that you are working with the mighty powers within to reprogram yourself, change your belief systems, and create new vistas. You want to go beyond your rational mind to allow the infinite being within to lead the way. 

How to work with the meditations:

  • Create a quiet space where you are comfortable and can focus on the meditation. 
  • Take a few deep breaths to relax your mind and body. Following the meditation when you are relaxed and open is an effective way to create the shift that you want. 
  • Hold the sincere intention to connect with your heart, your innermost self, and affirm: “I am open to new, higher ways of operating and perceiving life.” 
  • Read the meditations to yourself, have someone read them to you, or record them and play them back.
Monthly Meditation

The Voice of Your Heart


The purpose of this meditation is to help you connect with your heart, a place of unconditional love and light. When you are in your heart, you see yourself and the world through the lenses of love, compassion, and wisdom. Where others may see only fear and signs of discord, you will feel compassion and understanding; you will see a chance to grow under the light of oneness. The deeper you go into your heart, the more you develop the courage to forgive yourself and others, uncover your limiting beliefs, the things that stand in the way of your joy and highest potential, and make choices that empower you to be true to yourself.

Get Quiet Within and Enjoy

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