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Deep within, we all want to be free to do what feels right, seek the truth, improve our quality of life, live in joy and harmony, and inspire those around us. It is our inherent desire to be creative and express this creativity in ways that resonate with our hearts and the flow of the Universe. In essence, our natural inclination is to feel whole within and one with all life.

In this quest for wholeness and oneness, we do not always know what stands in the way of our joy, peace, harmony, and prosperity. We do not always know that whatever we are seeking has always been within our grasp and that through our hearts, not our fearful minds, we can find a gentle voice of higher wisdom and understanding aligned with the divine flow of the Spirit within—the divine flow of the Universe and all creation.

Cultures promoting fear, beliefs in scarcity, and limited thinking have made it quite a challenge for us to find our true voice, the voice within our heart, the voice of the wise, loving self, the voice of the Spirit within, or the voice of the Infinite being within. 

No matter what has happened throughout the planet’s history, countless people have found a way to rise above pervasive separation to find unity in diversity and share, you may say, this eternal wisdom about wholeness and oneness. Wholeness refers to the idea that all creation is perfect. All beings are different, yet within those differences, unconditional love is the essence that binds them all, and that is oneness. These sages have found the wisdom within themselves—the wisdom of their heart—and have shared it throughout history. 

Our work speaks of this universal wisdom that sees the beauty within humanity, within all creation. It is wisdom that speaks of one’s perfection, for one is a child of love and light. It is wisdom that unifies all beings. It is wisdom that sees that spark of light within each and every one. It is wisdom that makes everyone feel wonderful about themselves. It is wisdom that promotes cooperation, truth, and openness.

We are creating a space where we can remember these spiritual truths that we have always known. It is for us to find the courage to finally ask questions relevant to our growth and expansion. It is a place where we can slow down, get silent within, and listen to our hearts. It is a place where we can reflect upon our existence and see how we can rise above defining boundaries, barriers, mental concepts that deepen our fears and keep us trapped in powerlessness. 

Our purpose is to create a fertile environment for those who are open to this wisdom and wish to find out who they truly are and reconnect with the eternal being within.

LotSea—The Art of Living in Alignment with Your Heart