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The Power of Affirmations

Every day you are told who you should be, what you can or cannot achieve in life. And underneath all this noise, there is a gentle voice that knows who you truly are. This gentle voice is the voice that encourages you to seek wisdom, to be loving, to be creative, and aim for advancement. It is a voice that encourages you to reconcile with the truth that you are an eternal force within all creation, for you are all creation, for you are the Universe. This voice is the voice of your heart, and through this voice, the whole Universe speaks to you; the vastness of your being speaks to you; the mightiness of your being speaks to you. Through the voice of your heart, you can feel the power and depth of the infinite being within.

Too often, what you hear is that you are incompetent, inadequate, unloving, unkind, not good enough, not creative. You may hear all these things. It is common for people to use statements such as “I am not loving. I am not creative.” The words “I am” are often followed by a negative statement—a statement that deepens one’s fears and sense of powerlessness. 

What you hear and tell yourself openly or under your breath can either promote your growth, enhance your ability to see yourself in higher regards, or prevent you from knowing who you truly are and keep you trapped in a life of elusive dreams.

When you follow outside voices, you may easily perceive them as your own voice, as the voice of your heart. However, there is a big difference between the outside voices and the voice of the mighty self—the voice of the infinite being within. 

When you say, “I am infinite. I am prosperous. I am wise. I am loving. I am more than adequate to fulfill my heart’s desires. I am creative,” with the words “I am,” you are summoning your innermost self, the infinite being that you are along with all-powerful forces within the cosmos to actualize all that you truly desire. The “I am” is who you truly are. You can use the “I am,” who is, by essence, neutral, to manifest your deepest fears or the powerful force that you are. Whether you tell yourself you are powerful or powerless, that will come into manifestation. 

Affirmations can help you change how you feel about yourself and the world. In other words, they can help you attract loving people, events, and circumstances.

How to use them

Use the present tense

Using affirmations in the present tense anchors you in the here and now where your power is most potent. You are not only summoning the power of your innermost self, but you are doing it here and now because the now is where you need to be. 

Many people tend to use the future tense. For instance, “I will do this when I have a chance. I will release blame and guilt. I will release my fear. I will do something good for myself.” When you use the future tense, you merely delay all that you want. What you are asking of the Universe will always be in the future. The Universe knows only the present moment, and your power is effective in the present. Therefore, when you know this, it is important that you use affirmations in the present tense. If you are seeking future fearlessness, you do not say, “I will be courageous.” You say, “I am courageous.” If you want to be wise or summon the wisdom within your being, you do not say, “I will be wise.” Instead, you say, “I am wise and loving.”

Avoid Contractions

It is best to use affirmations without contractions. For instance, instead of saying, “I’m free to be who I am,” you say, “I am free to be who I am.”

Remain in the stillness of your heart

When you are in your mind, you are often tuned into the outer world, a world that tells you who you are, and you grow up believing that you are that. And throughout your day, as you recite your affirmations, if you are not centered, you may well be in your fearful mind reciting your affirmations, which becomes ineffective. In that way, you are not summoning the stillness of the infinite being within.

Simple steps to effectively use affirmations

with Your
Heart Center

Using a Meditation Format

Using a
Writing Format

These exercises can be done throughout the day, particularly before going to bed. Create a simple routine before you retreat for the night. You can center yourself and reflect upon the affirmation through writing or simple meditation. Also, note that the more you use the affirmations, the more they will begin to change. It means that new affirmations will emerge. Let them emerge. Change your affirmations as you wish. Let them reflect what you desire the most—the changes you wish to see in your life.
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