Your Divine Gift of Well-Being



We all want to live with a sense of well-being. However, we are not always aware of the patterns that stand in the way of our joy and fulfillment. We give undue attention to the outer world and the voices of fear so much that we tend to dismiss the voice of our heart—this gentle voice that always reminds us to do what is best for our well-being.

This short e-book will prompt you to question your beliefs and thoughts about yourself and the world. Also, it will inspire you to reflect upon your experiences without judgment and think of what you truly want from life. You will remember how important it is to slow down, quiet your mind, and listen to the voice of your heart. Finally, you will reacquaint yourself with the universal laws that support your inherent desire to live with joy and aliveness.

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52 Pages


E-Book in PDF and EPUB


A4 (PDF Version)

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