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Your Divine Gift of Well-Being

We all want to live with a sense of well-being. However, we are not always aware of the patterns that stand in the way of our joy and fulfillment. We give undue attention to the outer world and the voices of fear so much that we tend to dismiss the voice of our heart—this gentle voice that always reminds us to do what is best for our well-being.

This short e-book will prompt you to question your beliefs and thoughts about yourself and the world. Also, it will inspire you to reflect upon your experiences without judgment and think of what you truly want from life. You will remember how important it is to slow down, quiet your mind, and listen to the voice of your heart. Finally, you will reacquaint yourself with the universal laws that support your inherent desire to live with joy and aliveness.

Who Am I? Discover the Infinite Being Within

Who am I? Am I here to struggle and plow through life, or am I here to live with a sense of well-being and go through life with ease and grace? Am I only mortal, or am I a child of love and light, a child whose brilliance once illuminated the hearts and minds of everyone who came in contact with me? Am I a limited being who is always afraid of doing what feels right, or am I an infinite being whose love and wisdom can take me places beyond anything I could have ever imagined? Am I inadequate to do what I love, or am I more than adequate to find my true calling, to bring my gifts and talents, and express myself in the most creative ways?

There are two different perspectives. One is limited and the other one expansive. How can one transition from a limited reality to one filled with possibilities and opportunities to grow and fulfill one soul’s purpose? What stands in the way of your joy and fulfillment in life?

As you look deeply within, you will find out that denying your spiritual nature or forgetting that you are Spirit within is one of the main reasons you are experiencing separation in your life. Separation begins within. When you think that you are only mortal, it is a perspective where you choose to disconnect yourself from the very breath of life, the pulse within all creation that love is. With this way of thinking, you are drawn to rely solely on your own personal will to plow through life, competing with everyone thinking this is your only way to achieve success and happiness. You then forget that nature and all creation work harmoniously because of the Spirit of Oneness and Cooperation. 

This book reminds you that you are Spirit in a human embodiment and that you are on Earth to share your highest expression of love and light. It emphasizes the importance of living in alignment with your heart, which means following the voice of your heart, opening your heart to more love and higher wisdom, having the courage to forgive yourself and others, releasing your limiting beliefs, and adopting a perspective that promotes oneness, cooperation, acceptance, tolerance—love and light in essence. In this book, you will find simple exercises, positive affirmations, and meditations to help you uncover what stands in the way of your joy and fulfillment. You will learn to harness the power of the infinite being within to create a life filled with possibilities and opportunities to grow and fulfill your soul’s purpose.